[Part 3] Setting Up Blogger with .co.cc domain: Ultimate Setup, Resolve with non-www and www versions of your domain name

Part 3:
This article is the 3rd part of a 5 part series on Setting up Blogger with a .co.cc domain: Ultimate Setup
Please read the series from the start as this article alone may not make much sense

If everything went fine in Part 1 & 2, you must now have a
1. free .co.cc domain like mydomain.co.cc
2. free Hipatic Hosting with a domain like myusername.hipatic.0lx.net

In this part we will use netcraft.com to know the A name of your Hipatic free Hosting

Enter your myusername.hipatic.0lx.net free hosting site name. This is what you signed up for in step 2. (Replace test1 in the image with your username.) Press Enter

A new window will open with this report. In that look for the IP address which will appear in the place of the text Your A name will appear here. It will be in the form of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx eg
Make a note of this IP address which we will use as our A name in the next step


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