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How mflow can change the music scene?

People have had enough of 30 second (90 seconds in some places) previews before deciding whether or not to buy a song. Unless the song is on radio, which most album-only songs aren't, chances are that the only place where you could legally hear the song before buying it is if you are lucky enough to have a friend who has already bought that song. Letting somebody else listen to songs you bought on your player, is that legal?(Well that is a completely different debate!) Otherwise, let me list the sources where you could hear the song(Most common on top): 1. Youtube - Popular albums find their way to Youtube, with users uploading videos with lyrics. This is perhaps the most common place where people can listen to songs before they buy them. However, posting copyrighted songs on Youtube by third parties (users) is either a grey area in terms of piracy (at best) or blatant piracy. All most all get marked by Youtube as containing content from the particular artist, and some get remo