The Best Intel Gaming CPUs of 2020

1. Intel Core i9 10900K: Based on Intel's Comet Lake, Intel Core i9 10900K was launched in 43922 for a starting price of 488 USD. This CPU was ranked #1 in the review. 2. Intel Core i9 9900K: Based on Intel's Comet Lake, Intel Core i9 9900K was launched in 43374 for a starting price of 499 USD. This CPU was ranked #2 in the review. 3. Intel Core i7 9700K: Based on Intel's Coffee Lake, Intel Core i7 9700K was launched in 43374 for a starting price of 374 USD. This CPU was ranked a joint #2 in the review. 4. Intel Core i5-10600K: Based on Intel's Comet Lake, Intel Core i5-10600K was launched in 43922 for a starting price of 262 USD. This CPU was ranked #3 in the review. 5. Intel Core i5 9400F: Based on Intel's Coffee Lake, Intel Core i5 9400F was launched in 43466 for a starting price of 182 USD. This CPU was ranked #4 in the review. Rank CPU 1  Intel Core i9 10900K 2  Intel Core i9 9900K 2  Intel Core i7 97 with 2fa and Microsoft Authenticator is broken!

So if you have enabled 2fa on your Microsoft account and then enabled Microsoft Authenticator and you uninstall the authenticator app, you can no longer login to your email account. You cannot ask for help as that requires you to login. You can basically do nothing. The error: When you login to your Microsoft account, you enter your password, then the login page prompts you to accept the login on the Authenticator app. Without the app, if you try and login using your backup email or phone number, you are routed back to your enter password screen. This then loops endlessly. I have written to Microsoft regarding this. Let me see if they reply. Will update the post soon hopefully.

Lenovo A6000 / Plus with Lollipop 5.1.1 with Hindi Font issue solved

I recently updated my Lenovo A6000 (which is showing signs of wear) to Lollipop 5.1.1 using this tutorial on XDA Developers. (The forum post tells me that the author of this rather marvelous mod is A-MOD ). After updating, I found that I could no longer read WhatsApp forwards which were not in English. All Hindi and Marathi characters where replaced by blocks or what some people call "Tofu"(and hence the No To fu font - the Noto fonts by Google). So I did what I do best and found articles dating back to 2010 and 2012 talking about DroidSanFallback.ttf font, the /system/fonts folder, the /system/etc folder, the fonts.xml file and the fallback_fonts.xml file. After several permutations and combinations which luckily did not brick my phone. I got the following solution. To begin with, you will need a freshly tortured A6000/Plus with the 5.1.1 unofficial ROM installed. After that, I would recommend enabling Root Access from Developer Options for Apps, installing the ES File B

MixRadio India subscriptions discontinued

Microsoft who took over Nokia's mobile division, is no longer offering renewals for MixRadio in India. The subscription allowed users to download songs. Mixradio will continue as a streaming only service. The related FAQ page on has the following message: "You will no-longer be able to purchase renewals for your unlimited download subscription via Operator Billing, Credit/Debit Card or Voucher as this feature is no-longer available" Source: Update: received a reply from Mixradio India's twitter handle saying they are working on re-enabling vouchers. Source:

Touchpad and WiFi stopped working on Ubuntu

The last thing I remember about using this laptop was that bluetooth had stopped working. Even though it worked when I booted up Windows 8. I remember fiddling around with scripts I did not understand. So when I booted up my old laptop weeks later, I found that mouse(touchpad) and WiFi were dead too. What's more, everything worked fine on Windows. Let's cut to the chase. Since I did not have a working internet connection on the laptop(in Ubuntu), I wondered if I could reinstall the touchpad packages and opened up Synpatic Package Manager, which gave me an error asking me to run the following > sudo dpkg --configure -a  I ran it and rebooted Ubuntu. Mouse and Wifi started working after restarting the system.

Appengine: Custom Error Handlers using webapp2 - Python 2.7

Google Developers has a writeup on Custom Error Responses using app.yaml Here is a sample app.yaml app.yaml application: appname version: 1 runtime: python27 api_version: 1 threadsafe: true handlers: - url: /static static_dir: static http_headers: Vary: Accept-Encoding - url: /articles/.* script: On the Development Environment, I get the following error when I visit http://localhost:8080/ i.e the home page Not found error: / did not match any patterns in application configuration. On Appengine, a standard 404 Error is shown Error: Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server. This is because the app.yaml file does not specify any handler for "/" Here is the file import webapp2 class HomePage(webapp2.RequestHandler): def get(self): self.response.write.out("Hello Birds!") app = webapp2.WSGIApplication( [ (r'/articles/', HomePage) ], debug=True) Specify

AppEngine: Intermittent DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is undefined error on Django with Python 2.7 on Google App Engine

Ever since moving from webapp to Django on Python 2.7, I was plagued with the following error, albeit intermittently. Whenever, I would flush my memcache or start a new instance or run into an unhandled exception, my appengine based app wouldn't start. Logs gave me the following error, Settings cannot be imported, because environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is undefined. I searched far and wide for a solution, looked up topics on stackoverflow. The DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is a common problem for django novices like yours truly and stackoverflow had umpteen questions and answers regarding the issue, but I couldn't find the right answer. Well, let me start off with a piece of my bad code. I looked up the official documentation for pointers when I started the migration from webapp templates to purer Django templates on my appengine project. The Django Documentation on Settings page mentions the following two options to configure django settings on a project(ap