Google Chrome OS Cr-48: Predictions for the next version number, based on isotopes

Google is giving out free netbooks running the Google Chrome OS as part of a pilot program. The netbook is called Cr-48.
The Chrome OS and the browser is based on a project called Chromium. Chromium is also an element in the periodic table, with Cr-48 or more appropriately 48Cr being an isotope.

The most stable isotope of Chromium is Cr 50, with a half life of greater than 1.8 × 10^17 (1017) years.

The most commonly found isotope however is Cr 52, accounting for 83% of the world's Chromium.

Whereas Cr 48 is a less common isotope with a half life of 21.5 hours approximately.

Many Chromium isotopes have half lives in milliseconds eg. Cr 59, Cr 60, Cr 61.

The stable chromium isotopes with long half lives are Cr 50,Cr 52,Cr 53 and Cr 54.

Version Number/ Release Number speculation:

Nobody in their right mind should take what is written below with less than a large pinch of salt.

If Google is being inspired by isotope numbers to indicate the stability of a release, based upon the stability of the isotope, (i.e.,
Cr 48 (the isotope) has a half life of 21 hours(less than those of the stable isotopes, but more than that of Cr 59, Cr 60 which are highly unstable), similarly, Cr-48 (the netbook, which is a test version for beta testers)is expected to have less stability than the final version of Chrome (expected mid 2011), but have more stability than the preview Chrome OS that was shown sometime last year), then we may speculate that, the earlier preview versions of Chrome OS might have been labeled Cr 59, 60, 61 or perhaps their internal versions might have been labeled so.

We may also expect their final stable release to be labeled Cr 50 with a Ubuntu like LTS, followed by a feature rich Cr 52 which will end up having the most userbase.

Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Features:
12 inch screen
8 hours battery life
10 second boot up time.
Instant Sleep resume.
Wi-Fi + 3G

What's Different:
No Cap's Lock key.
No Function Keys replaced by Multimedia Control Keys.

The pilot program is open for all US citizens.


Image source: as seen on on 9 Dec 2010.


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