Google +1: Screenshots and detaiils

Various news sources are reporting about Google +1, Google's social networking tool, much like the Facebook 'Like' button. TechCrunch a screenshot of the currently confidential service, on it's website.
The screenshot is of Chrome browser on a Mac, displaying the Google News( page. A google accounts user is logged in and there a few additional buttons on the top-right area of the page. There is an additional link name 'Loop' on the top left side. The screenshot is probably from Nov 15 2010, based on the date on a News article.

There is a 'Confidential' label, which perhaps indicates that the service is in private beta. This is followed by a share button, not unlike Facebook's 'Like', followed by a google user thumbnail, and user name. The user logged in is a user, probably indicating a Google employee, This is followed by a gray box with the number '0' in it, probably a score, followed by a Settings/Options icon.The top right section has a new link named Loop, probably a new social networking service offering.

Comparison with 'Like':
Facebook Like button shares the details on the users wall, and can be seen by friends in their Facebook News feed. This has good visibility to the shared content. Google Buzz suffered in this respect. The new share option might allow sharing through various services, which will be a plus or might allow sharing through some new Google social network, opinion on which will be premature now.



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