Google Testing Previews in Search

I recently noticed a magnifying glass next to google's search results, clicking on which showed a page preview of the page.
We have already seen page preview plugins for Wordpress blogs(see snapshot). Google has also revamped it's image search result display page and we all have experienced Google Instant by now. So while google might have changed a lot behind the scenes and added a lot of functionality, the general look of the website has remained consistent.(see : Google in the year 2000)

Searchengineland has an article dating back to 2009 which talks about Google apge preview with a different look. And as you can see in the images along side, techland and the register among others have covered the topic as early as 6th of this month.

The page preview highlights the lines which have the search terms, so you can decide if the page contains content you wish to view. While netbooks might find the feature taking too much real estate, the feature in general is a welcome one.


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