Setting up Blogger with a domain. Get a short & COMPLETELY FREE DOMAIN!

Note: What follows is probably the most simplest of ways to use and blogger together. However, this method has its drawbacks. For a advanced method of Setting up Blogger with Read our 5 part Series on the Ultimate Setup!

Why am I talking about this? Because, I recently switched to myself.
I had already used and other url forwarding domains(like .tk )
The problem with them was that Google did not index my new flashy short domain. I had to setup with Google Analytics & Webmaster. In addition to that visibilty factor was extremely low. You type in and press enter and whoosh! you have in the address bar. So the next time the user hardly remembers your short name & has to forget your long name too.

Hope google and you guys like my new name!

If you want to get a free domain name too, get one here CO.CC:Free Domain. It's COMPLETELY FREE!

How to: Step 1:

Visit, and sign up for a free domain with FREE DNS, MX AND CNAME
(Now that means all the power you need from a domain name!) Even paid domain registrars sometimes don't offer complete access to DNS, MX & CNAME, like does.
It is like a functional TLD!

Set the CNAME of your domain to


Wait for 1-2 days. Now go to your Blogger Blog dashboard.
Select Settings
Select Publishing
Select Custom Domain
Select Advanced Settings
Type in the name of your domain, eg
Type in the Captcha & Press Enter !
You are done
You can Select the Redirect option, enter Captcha and press enter if you wish to!
CO.CC:Free Domain
Blogger Help &


  1. i tried this but my domain name is working with www only not without www..
    help me


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