Thursday, June 5, 2008

Firefox 3.0 RC 2 v/s Firefox

The numbering pattern for Firefox 2 (2.0.0.xx) made me think that there might be innumerable versions before we get to see Firefox 3.0. But thankfully Firefox has been working on betas for version 3 for long and we have seen some of the features meant for 3.0 enter the stable versions too.
After Firefox launched the second release candidate,
I ran a test to see if there is a difference in memory usage.
Now this test should be flawed because of many many reasons, but still here it is.
Firefox 3.0 RC2
1. Just Loaded: Memory: 29K
(I was typing start in the address bar, which might hav caused a slight spike, but the memory was near 29K before I began typing)

2. 10 Start Tabs: Memory: 33K

3. 10 Start Windows(from the earlier 10 tabs, 9 were closed and 9 more windows with home page were opened ); Memory:44K

4. Back home after closing the other 9 windows:Memory 36K

5.Searched for a video on Let it load fully. Then Played. Memory:50K

1. Memory: 21K

2. Memory: 25K

3. Memory: 35K

4. Memory: 29K

5. Memory: 39K (Spiked to 50K while the movie was loading, but came down afterwards. Both rc2 and were tested after the movie loaded completely!)

Now a million of such tests should have been run. Plus more scenarios should have been tested. Then a mean should have been drawn to interpret the results. But since I didn't do that. here is a comparison

Step No. Firefox 3.0 RC2 Firefox
Step 1: 29K 21K
Step 2: 33K 25K
Step 3: 44K 35K
Step 4: 36K 29K
Step 5: 50K 39K

All readings in KB
Conclusion: Don't worry about the memory(It's cheap anyways!) Firefox 3 looks better and they say that it has electrolytes!

For serious people: Acid3 test results for Release candidates have been good
( >70/100 ). I didn't test one myself, but I did test my got a 54/100.
Test your browser too
(PS: I tested my IE7. The test result was incoherent(even after enabling activex)!Perhaps acid is for Firefox only)

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  1. The test was carried out on the same system, both firefox installations were standard. Both had all add-ons disabled.